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C1 live cockfighting is an event that is attracting the attention of many players. This is not only a place to show off breeding and prediction talents but also an opportunity to make money. These matches are broadcast live on many different betting platforms. Please read the article below from bookmaker New88 for more detailed information!

Introducing details about c1 live cockfighting for new players

C1 live cockfighting is a hot concept in the betting community, and has become an undeniable highlight in the world of online entertainment. Appearing on most betting websites, it has strongly affirmed its position.

C1 cockfighting is a feverish cockfighting format

C1 live cockfighting is not only a large playground with many top tournaments but also attracts the attention of excellent boxers from all over. The special feature of this form is the ability to transmit directly via the Internet, allowing players to watch from anywhere as long as they have a smart device connected to the Internet.

Besides traditional cockfights such as iron spur cockfighting and knife spur cockfighting, C1 live cockfighting is the most popular choice on betting websites. On all cockfighting platforms, it is not difficult to see that C1 cockfighting always leads in interest and causes the most heated debates.

Rule to win when participating in live cockfighting C1

Attractive to all fans

The C1 cockfighting competition always attracts great attention from fans all over the world. Their passion for cock betting shows in their willingness to take the time and effort to go to the arena and enjoy it live. In order not to miss any performances worth watching, they should clearly understand the important principles below:

Choose a strategic standing location

In the C1 cockfighting festival, choosing a standing position plays an important role. You should choose a high position to have a wide view when releasing the chickens, giving you an advantage in the fight. Indoors, choose a location with dark lighting to avoid blinding the chickens. If holding it outdoors, make sure the location you choose has enough light so the chickens can see everything clearly.

Keep your distance when luring chickens

Luring chickens is a common tactic to stimulate the chicken’s fighting spirit. However, limit holding the cock too much to avoid giving your opponent a chance to attack.

Calm down when the chicken gets stuck in spurs

In a C1 live cockfighting match, when a cock gets stuck in its spurs, the cocker needs to stay calm. Slowly place the chicken on the field after receiving the signal from the referee. Use one hand to support the chicken’s wings, chest, and thighs, and use the other hand to hold the tail. After the referee signals to let go of the tail, release the hand immediately to give the chicken a chance to attack the opponent.

In case the opponent’s cock gets stuck in his spurs, the cocker should not rush to remove it but instead, should signal the referee to continue the C1 live cockfighting match. This action helps prolong the fight and creates a greater chance of winning for their cocks. On the contrary, if your chicken gets stuck in an opponent’s spur, run back and handle it immediately to avoid unwanted situations from happening.

Two top important tips for participating in C1 live cockfighting

Master these winning tipsg

Live cockfighting events still take place regularly and regularly to this day, creating opportunities for audiences to enjoy top matches. Not just a regular form of entertainment, live cockfighting has become a part of the betting field, integrated into the activities of bookmakers. To increase your chances of winning when participating in the betting world, you should master the following secrets:

Master information about the match

Before participating in any match, it is important to conduct thorough research on the relevant information. This is especially important when participating in C1 live cockfighting betting. Evaluating odds before the match helps players be more confident. Matches within the framework of C1 cockfighting are often confrontations between cocks of equal ability, therefore, understanding the cock’s fighting history, health and other parameters is very important. Make accurate betting decisions.

Understand clearly the conditions and situations of both sides

Collecting information about the conditions and situations of both sides is extremely important so players can determine where they should bet. To collect this information, players can visit websites specializing in online cockfighting on the Internet, however, they need to ensure that they are reputable websites.

Be ready for betting capital

Financial capital is the most important factor in all betting activities, especially in the live cockfighting game C1. Before starting to participate in this world, you need to prepare a fixed source of capital for yourself. This amount should not be too large nor too small.

Beginners in the betting field often feel confused by the variety of information on social networks. However, there is no need to worry too much about using a large or small amount of money, because this depends on each player’s personal financial situation.


Every time it is held, C1 live cockfighting always attracts a lot of attention from participants. Hopefully the information we have just shared will help you better understand this subject. If you want to participate in this exciting experience, come to Hitclub now to receive dedicated support, a unique playing experience and a chance to win with the highest odds. Learn more casino new88 here.

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